From the Editor

Dear readers!

The third issue of RealBrew magazine in 2019 we have devoted a significant part of it to the lager. And not because the hot summer vacation season is about to begin - and its first shoots are already sprouting at major festival events such as Tallinn Craft Weekend or St. Petersburg Craft Event, - but because of the growing popularity of this simple, seemingly amateur and drink style among brewers.
But lager is not as simple as it seems. This is confirmed by Mikkell Borg Borgso, a living legend of the brewing craft and the face of the Danish Mikkeller.
Taking this opportunity, the historian Pavel Egorov won't only remind us of the fundamentals of the fertile family of Lagers, but also show with examples how they developed in Germany alone. Together with Mikhail Ershov, we will deal with the technology of fermentation and maturation of camp beer, and Vardan Atasunts will tell you how to raise a new level of concern for the cleanliness of equipment in production, the person who works on it, and the environment.
Amateur brewers also think about progressive changes in home brewing. Arseny Vinogradov will help with advice and will explain in details how to achieve, without exaggerating the industrial level of carbonation of the drink, with the help of relatively affordable and inexpensive means.
The guest of the issue, Alpina head brewer Nadezhda Oleynik, is also happy to share her knowledge, but she has to state: young contemporaries rarely show genuine interest in the work of the brewer. We hasten to reassure: our editorial board continues to receive questions that can only be answered by real experts, such as Andreas Faustman, a representative of Berlin Research Institute VLB. By the way, we are always ready to answer your questions and will be happy to receive offers and feedback at And don't forget about the possibility of publishing announcements about your new varieties under the rubric “What is brewed”.
And a vacation ... Well, we have something to do in the summer months. If you are a real brewer, don't believe the stereotypes and feel free to go to France - there is no less excellent beer than wine, and acquaintance with it will take place in unique decorations. In Brazil, where a new beer culture is just beginning to flourish, on the contrary, winter is coming, but it is as warm and welcoming as European summer, as well as bright, varied and very tasty.

Happy reading and carefree rest!

Editorial Board of RealBrew