From the Editor

Dear readers!

September is the time of knowledge not only for schoolchildren. RB is always happy to share the news of beer industry and help to understand the wisdom of brewing.
So, prepare notebooks and pens - you will receive valuable advice on how not to get lost in the variety of hops, detailed instructions for those who want to copy the "shop" grade at home, and a tour of Scandinavian beer. And as a homework - an impressive review of the literature on beer and brewing, published in the Russian Federation Empire, the USSR and modern Russia.

And, of course, the best source of knowledge is experience. Danil Gareev, the main brewer of "Chita Keys", will talk about how it is to develop the plant away from the capitals. And Ken Grossman, the founder of Sierra Nevada, will show an example of how a small hobby can be turned into a successful innovative company.

"If we weren't only gnaw granite of science, we are opening a rubric dedicated to the "beer kitchen". Breaking stereotypes about the preparation for beer, we suggest you 
 to look at beer in combination with traditional Georgian dishes.

For those who are not yet ready to part with summer, we propose to return briefly to the warm days, plunging into memories of the succession of summer festivals.

Enjoy your reading!

Editorial Board of RealBrew