From the Editor

Dear readers!

With great pleasure, we congratulate all of you with the onset of warm days, caught us by surprise so unexpectedly, but so by the way! Until recently, it was cold, with impatience wearing summer jackets, complained about the weather, which seemed to have stopped in its transformation, and now, suddenly and pleasantly, summer came. The festive salutes thundered, we all rested a little and are ready again to immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of hops, malts and yeast.

            It's great that in this world there is still a place for real creativity, on the pages of a fresh issue we talked with representatives of talented tandems. Oleg Ershov and Oleg Ostankovich told about their hobby-brewery Cat's House Craft Brewery and how they got the idea to brew beer at home, and the founder of Omnipollo, Henok Fentie, shared the secret of the rabid popularity of the Swedish brewery.

            For those who like a sponge like to absorb useful information, in our permanent rubrics there is again something to profit. In the Archival inquiry, Galina Vsevolodovna Klyarovskaya tells us about the origin of the training in the beer business in the Russian Empire, Mikhail Khokholkov teaches all the nuances of the law on advertising of beer and beverages made on its basis, and Oleg Ershov explains what the causes of beer souring at home brews are.

            Not forgetting about beer travelers, we publish fascinating reports of our respected authors about visiting festivals in Minsk and Bruges, as well as Estonian craft breweries: Õllenaut, Sori Brewing and Pühaste. A brief but informative report on the current state of craft Italian brewing was provided by Tatyana Chaikina, who visited the Vinitaly annual agro exhibition in Verona.

            Our magazine is famous and proud of strong ties with the heroes of the previous issues, this time we confirm this thesis by publishing a flash interview with representatives of iconic beer establishments a year and a year and a half after the first meeting. Our friend and the permanent author of the column "About Styles" Sergey Mager Grigoriev prepared material about kveik - miraculous Norwegian wild yeast, with which the nearest beer trends are bound to be connected.

            The second half of the hot May doesn't give us the opportunity to rest - on the nose of the Big Craft Day in the capital and the XXVII International Forum Beer-2018 in Sochi, which means that the news for the next issue will be enough in full. By the way, we ask you not to worry about the reports on the three beer festivals of the Northern capital of the end of April - we will publish them there, but for now we hope that this release of RealBrew will not disappoint you.

Enjoy your reading!

Editorial Board of RealBrew